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Who is Scott?

Scott is happily married to the love of his life, Judy Williams. They have four children Jayce, Braeden, Jace, & Annabelle (ages 23, 20, 13, and 11 - two of which have graduated and moved out), as well as two granddaughters, Olivia & Wrenly (ages 3 & newborn). Scott Williams Family

Scott love's God, his family, his community, working hard, the outdoors, and last, but not least, helping people.

Scott has been a member of New Hope Christian Church for over fifteen years where he currently serves on the greeting team and lead's a men’s small group.  Prior to New Hope, he attended Woodbridge Community Church which met at Cox Elementary.  

The challenge of having church in a school each week was they always had to leave the school the way they found it; therefore, he regularly helped by hauling trailers, setting up and taking down the chairs, sound equipment, and fixtures.  Early on, they did not have a trailer large enough to leave everything in the trailer, so it took several trips to a storage unit to load and unload.  As he served on the setup/take down team, he built relationships he still treasures to this day.  Similarly the foundation of our City of Wylie has been built on strong relationships over decades which is a part of what makes Wylie so unique today.    

While residing in Garland, Texas, Scott graduated from Dallas Christian High School.  He then continued his education at Richland Community College and  Abilene Christian University studying Industrial Technology. While attending Abilene Christian University, Scott received the nickname of “Doc”.  This was acquired as a result of consistently having his peers stop by his room to discuss their prob­lems, issues, and challenges, often asking for his advice or sometimes just wanting a listening ear. 

Scott Williams Daddy Daughter DanceScott moved to the Sachse/Wylie area in 2001. While a Texas native, Scott spent his early years (ages 6-14) in Phoenix, Arizona. He then relocated to Garland, Texas at the age of 15 when his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and lost his employment as a result of his rare illness. This experience, combined with the work ethic Scott's father taught him at a young age, still drives his desire to serve his community to this very day. 

While in Phoenix, at the age of 8, Scott began painting citrus trees in the winter and mowing lawns in the summer.  He would market his lawn business door-to-door and with flyers.  Creating a list of regular customers, Scott would push his mower stacked with the edger, gas cans, and such up to two miles away from his home in order to fulfill his commitments.  Scott learned at a very early age how to deter­mine his value while marketing himself and his services.

When Scott began mowing lawns, his father charged a 30% tool usage fee. This taught Scott how to budget, and he quickly realized that by putting the right amount of monies aside, he could purchase his own equipment, removing the need to pay usage fees.  During the transition from Phoenix to Garland, Scott's father and sister stayed in Phoenix while his mother, brother, and him moved to Garland. During this transition period, Scott's father and sister maintained his lawn service with over forty customers which provided for his entire family of six.

While living in Garland, Scott received a sports scholarship to Dallas Christian High School. When the scholarship needed additional funds during year two, Scott convinced the school administrators to allow him to continue attending in exchange for performing maintenance and landscaping to the school grounds before early football practice and after school. As Scott's senior year neared completion, he realized he had worked too many hours at his waiter job, new lawn business, and senior activities and did not have enough hours to pay his full tuition at the school. In jeopardy of not graduating, Scott came up with a plan to design, print, and sell t-shirts with his own design of their school mascot.  While marketing the shirts to the school PTA, Scott met a local custom home builder.  He discovered there was a large demand for haul off duties at construction sites; therefore, Scott rented equipment from his father and began filling that need. Always looking for new opportunities, Scott quickly saw an opportunity to learn roofing, framing, drywall installation, and site build-out. After learning everything Scott could from working for other construction companies, he formed his own construc­tion company, at 18 years old, specializing in Insurance Restoration and Remodeling.  Over the next decade, Scott has gone on to create and manage multiple companies at a time, all with cross marketing revenue streams.  These included various construction companies, retail sales of construction-related building products, a car dealer­ship, and a web-based project management company.     

Scott Williams - Big PappaLater, after relocating to the Sachse area in 2001, Scott became heavily involved with the Sachse Chamber of Commerce and networking with local businesses. This opened a plethora of opportunities over the following years, including being able to serve first as an Ambassador for the Sachse Chamber of Commerce and subsequently as a Board Member on the Sachse Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  As a concerned citizen wanting the best for children, as well as Scott's own future children, he served on the Hudson Middle School Campus Improvement Team.  

After being involved in projects in the downtown Dallas revitalization of the Bryan Square Park area and local Sachse government, Scott humbly accepted the invitation to serve as a Commissioner on the City of Sachse Planning and Zoning Commission.

After several major life events in 2011-2012, Scott relocated to the City of Wylie with a focused effort of prioritizing his family over his work.  Scott & Judy are thankful to be able to raise their children within the Wylie Independent School District, the Wylie Way.  Their two youngest children have been in Dual Language since kindergarten.  During their early years, Scott volunteered as a head coach for the Wylie Football League (WFL) and PSA.  This allowed Scott to assist in teaching and training young boys to set goals, sacrifice, be disciplined, and work within a team in addition to the basics of football.  With Scott's children reaching middle school, Scott now want to attribute more time to direct community impact & involvement by serving ALL of his fellow citizens through the Wylie City Council

Over the next few years while Scott and Judy established their businesses in the Downtown Wylie area, Scott took a position with the City of Plano in the Planning Department as a Sr. Estimator.  Scott helped manage several of Plano’s programs that utilized Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and later transferred to Plano’s newly created Neighborhood Services Department.  This included the budgeting, specifications, and management of all approved contractors along with that of Habitat for Humanity.  In addition to the management of those programs, Scott helped establish the operational procedures for the community wide housing revitalization program called the Great Update Rebate.  

With the overwhelming demand for help needed due to the 2016 Wylie Hail Storm, Scott focused their Downtown Wylie business on assisting homeowners who had experienced a devastating property loss due to fire and water damage. 

Scott's Insurance Restoration Emergency Response / General Contractor business has been located in Wylie for almost ten years, and in the downtown Wylie area since 2015.  Scott has been in this service industry for over 25 years.  A unique perspective to this industry is that it requires the need for prompt response, individualized plans of action, execution under pressure, and budget constraints while attending to the needs of our clients.  Scott has learned to be empathetic, sympathetic, and sensitive knowing this may be the toughest experience of their lives.  This combined with estimating, budgets, schedules, contracts, plans, and policy interpretation has cultivated his ability to be flexible while executing sound judgment and turning needs into actions. Scott has said for decades, “The art of construction is efficiently and effectively solving problems”.  Scott had multiple General Contractor friends as well as homeowners consistently asking him for help with situations that were unfair and unjust in connection with insurance-related damage.  As a result, Scott formed a separate company and acquired a license as a Public Insurance Adjuster.  This has allowed Scott to advocate for fair and just treatment of the insured and their property.  Owning a General Contractor firm and having relationships with local contractors, Scott also decided to open a quaint design center, by appointment only, that caters directly to contractors and builders. This company offers the ability for contractors and their customers to select all finishes for a home at one location with help walking through the design steps.  By creating cross revenue streams, it has helped each entity to create a healthy sustainable growth.  

Scott believes these experiences combined with problem solving methodology will help him interpret the needs of ALL the citizens of Wylie from ALL backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities as well as being a representa­tive for each one individually and collectively. Our city is diverse as evident in the diversity in our schools. Scott thinks this diversity not only helps foster an atmosphere of inclusion but opens each of us to receive different points of view from different perspectives. We are better together! 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any community concerns, feel free to reach to out to Scott Directly by calling him at 972-948-9210 or emailing him at    




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